Yahav & Co. Law Firm’s team of experts provide international legal support to Israeli companies, businessmen and entrepreneurs seeking to launch their operations abroad. We also provide services to international enterprises and foreign businessmen, who wish to carry out commercial operations in Israel.

The firm has been operating internationally for over 40 years. Such extensive experience allows Yahav & Co. to offer a wide range of legal services tailored to handle all business-related legal issues abroad.

Our international expertise focuses on such countries, as England, China, India, Australia and East Africa. We specialize in a wide range of business-related fields, including renewable energy – solar and biogas, agro-technology, property development, construction, infrastructure as well as medical and biomed fields – including hospital and age care construction, etc.


Worldwide legal service!

Our team of experts operating on an international level have extensive knowledge and experience in various fields of international law, including trusts, partnerships establishment in foreign countries and even assistance with detecting suitable partners, tax issues, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, trademarks, company registration in Israel and abroad, etc.

The firm specializes in providing consultation and legal opinions regarding international trade, including foreign trade agreements, solving legal issues in the fields of import and export, providing legal representation in various international trade fields, supporting the processes of company establishment abroad and other supplementary international trade related legal services.


Real estate abroad

Yahav & Co. Law Firm supports investors and investment houses (trust) conducting operations overseas, including USA, Europe, South Asia and Australasia. The firm handles all types of investment mechanisms such as development agreements, investment agreements, comprehensive reference to securities related issues, Contract Laws of various countries and their enforcemen, holding and releasing trust funds in accordance with agreements and writs. Attorneys at Yahav & Co. have studied European and international law and hold international degrees and qualifications.


As with any service offered by Yahav & Co. Law Firm, when it comes to the field of international trade, you will also be able to enjoy individually focused approach and authoritative services, provided by our dynamic, creative and extensively knowledgeable team of experts, proficient in international law. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with professional, creative and reliable service and support.


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