Due to 40 years of legal experience and thousands of hours of representation in all types of courts, Yahav & Co. has become one of the most skilled and respected law firms in Israel that specialize in the field of litigation.

Yahav & Co. Litigation Department provides legal representation, carried out by a team of attorneys, who are proficient in a wide variety of civil and commercial litigation fields.


Cutting-edge litigation services!

Yahav & Co. litigation services are adapted to the characteristics of every case and the type of court, in which it is conducted. In addition, our firm often represents land owners and developers alike in planning committee appellate proceedings, as well as arbitration and mediation procedures.

Our firm specializes in the following fields of legal and civil litigation, among others: conflict resolution in the field of property and real estate, managing contractual claims in the field of Corporate Law, business conflict resolution, managing claims in the fields of international trade, Land Law, Labor Law, etc.


Creativity at any given time!

Professional experience acquired by our staff in the field of civil and commercial litigation allows each one of you to enjoy innovative litigation services based on creative and professional representation strategies, planned in accordance with concrete goal setting, while examining all possible options.

Yahav & Co. Litigation Department’s professional staff will analyze all possible outcomes and approaches, responding to changes in real time. Our team of attorneys work thoroughly and creatively, while keeping an eye on the big picture as well as acting in accordance with efficiency and budget management considerations and providing full protection of the client’s legal rights.

As always Yahav & Co. Litigation Department provides top-quality professional service and an individually focused approach throughout.


We protect your rights

The firm is experienced and proficient with litigation procedures conducted in labor courts, negotiations to settle labor relations, including employer-employee relationships in compliance with the agreement for services (or any other employment agreement), rights and obligations of both parties in accordance with the law, custom and the Collective Labor Agreement Law.

Labor issues are regulated through laws, provisions and presidents. Conflict that takes place at a workplace requires consulting with experienced professional lawyers, who are able to tell the difference between various rights and obligations and thoroughly analyze you legal situation, while understanding business complexity.

In addition, our office provides services to the leading companies in the market and assists in the process of implementing work procedures to prevent future conflicts.

Yahav & Co. Law Firm provide legal services and litigation in the field of Labor Law, conducting  negotiations and retirement agreements, labor and services agreements as well as  providing professional support regarding work related conflicts, breach of employer/employee obligations, hearings representation, mediation and arbitration services, and obtaining  pre-rulings for public sector emploeeys, etc.


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