Real Estate & Projects

As a firm that has been specializing in providing Land Law related services for 40 years, Yahav & Co. offer each one of our clients extensive legal options, tailored to every additional aspect of real estate and projects industry, both in Israel and abroad.

Our Land Law related services are provided to both occasional (private clients as well as real estate professionals). Our client list includes the Jewish National Fund through its Himanuta Ltd. subsidiary, which turns to Yahav & Co. regularly for representation regarding significant large-scale cases. The Firm a recognized sevice provider to Amidar, the Israeli national housing company which is a public govermant institude. In addition, the firm represents leading construction companies, private real estate developers, contractors, landowners, real estate service providers, acquisition group managers and complex coordinators (field agents), property owners and private clientele from all parts of Israel and beyond.

Our firm services include but are not limited to:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements, including rental contracts.
  • Consultation and legal support regarding property transaction and completion.
  • Consultation and legal support for real estate companies, entrepreneurs and builders.
  • Legal support regarding landowners / builder combination transactions.
  • Representation of tenants and landowners in rental and lease agreements.
  • Drafting and registration of condominium & community titles.
  • First registrations procedure management – a near unique expertise both in Israel and abroad, where buying land is included in land registry for the first time. The stat is non common in Israel and requires very specific expertise.
  • Management of tenders and invitations to treat in the field of real estate.
  • Conducting proprietary claims.

Urban Renewal specialists

Yahav & Co. provide a variety of consulting and legal support services for various projects in this field, including gentrification and National Outline Plan / TAMA 38 (and National Outline Plan for earthquake readiness in houses of multiple occupancy – HMOs). We have successfully delivered various large-scale projects, such as Kfar Saba Gentrification Project – ‘Sheshet HaYamim’ Complex.

Customized and individually focused services

As with any service offered by our firm, when it comes to the field of Land Law, we base our legal services on professionalism, reliability, teamwork, activism and creativity in order to provide each of our clients with a complete legal platform suitable to their needs. We create customized and individually focused services according to the characteristics of the transaction of our clients.

Our customized legal services include the following:

  • Continuously handling legal issues in conjunction with various authorities – including tax authorities.
  • Representing the client during the course of negotiation processes
  • A wide variety of supplementary consulting services provided throughout all stages of the transaction.


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